Learning about history isn't just confined to a textbook. 


In my Mixed Reality Design course at Georgia Tech, I collaborated with five colleagues in order to design and prototype a social media application that utilizes augmented reality to view the history of Auburn Avenue.



In the early stages of development, Footprint was aimed to be an application that allows users to annotate Auburn Avenue - a historical landmark in Georgia. Users would be able to use AR to see exactly where posts were made, where nearby posts are and make a post themselves. 

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The following images show the design process that our team went through from the ideation stage to the actual implementation phase. Please feel free to click on any image above to see additional details!



By the end of this experience, I gained valuable insight regarding teamwork, UX/UI design and branding design. This was my first time going through the design process, and I am proud of my contributions to the project. If we were given more time for the assignment, we would have loved to conduct some user testing to get participatory design data for further improvements.